We save over 8,000 lb of organic waste from the landfill every week.


How it works


Set your full bucket outside on Sunday so that it can be picked up between 9am and 5pm and replaced with a clean bucket.


Throughout the week, collect your food waste in your provided bucket(s). Refer to the list below to learn what you can and cannot compost!


Your food waste is taken to an area farm to be hand-mixed with wood chips, turned and watered (3-4 month process).


The finished compost is ready for that farm to use to enrich their soils!


"We don't produce enough compost to start our own bin, so it's nice to be able to make sure our scraps don't go to waste. The weekly pick up is great, and you can throw just about anything natural in there! And since we've stopped throwing stinky stuff in the garbage it goes out a lot less. We now produce less than one bag of garbage per week. Thanks for helping to save the planet!"

Carol - Madison, WI


 What We Compost


We accept:

  • All left over fruit and vegetable peelings

  • Any meal scraps

  • Small quantities of meats, bones and cheeses

  • Egg shells

  • Nuts

  • Breads

  • Cereals

  • Coffee grounds

  • Paper towels

  • Napkins

  • Non-coated paper plates

  • Shredded paper

Please no:

  • Large quantities of meats, bones and cheeses

  • Plastics

  • Metals

  • Food stickers

  • Packaging material

  • Oils

  • Medications

  • Soaps

  • Chemicals of any kind

  • Rubber

  • Styrofoam

  • Any non-organic material not listed previously.


We work with…