We’re family-owned and operated.


Hi, I'm Derek! My passion for composting started on the farm, and since then I constantly strive to update my knowledge on the latest composting advances. I will continue to educate myself in soil health and management, food waste composting, black soldier fly farming, and worm farming as science and technology evolve.

My experience

2015 - US Composting Council @ University of Northern Iowa

Food Waste Compost Training

2016 - University of Exeter

Climate Change

2014 - US Composting Council @ Cornell University

Compost Operations Certificate

2015 - University of Wisconsin

Master Composter Certificate

Our Story

It all started 12 years ago with a worm farm that Derek gave as a present to Katie. What began as a way to compost all of our family's food waste has grown into a family business that collects over 100 buckets per week from residential customers in addition to the food waste we collect from commercial businesses. Every week we save over 8,205 lbs of organic waste from the landfill!

We all know by now that food waste equals soil, but not everyone has the time, space or knowledge to compost properly. We’ve provided an alternative for our environmentally-conscious neighbors in Madison, WI who love knowing that their food scraps benefit local farms.

Our main objective is to divert as much organic waste as we can from our landfills, where that precious material would be lost forever, to local farms where we make thermophilic compost to enrich their soils.