Food waste is the 2nd largest landfill contribution in the US.

Nearly 1/3 of all food is wasted from farm to fork.

  Customer Comments:

 "We don't produce enough compost to start our own bin, so it's nice to be able to make sure our scraps don't go to waste. The weekly pick up is great, and you can throw just about anything natural in there!  And since we've stopped throwing stinky stuff in the garbage it goes out a lot less. We now produce less than one bag of garbage per week.
Thanks for helping to save the planet!"
Tim - Madison

""You guys are doing an awesome job, thanks!!"

Melissa - Madison

Community Garden Options:

   *  Spring Harbor Middle School Gardens

  *  Centro Hispano Community Gardens

  *  Black Hawk-Gompers Community Gardens

   *  Safe Haven East

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Your Food Waste Will Benefit Local School and Community Gardens of Your Choice

Min 5 Customers per garden

   You deserve peace of mind.

         Let us compost for you!

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