My Education

2014 - US Composting Council@Cornell University Compost Operations Certificate

2015 - University of Wisconsin
Master Composter Certificate

2015 - US Composting Council@University of Northern Iowa Food Waste Compost Training

2016 - University of Exeter

Climate Change

 I'm Derek, the Manager. My Experience in compost started on the farm. I recently updated that old school knowledge with improved ways of doing things. I will continue to be passionate about and educate myself in soil management, soil health, compost operations, food waste composting, black soldier fly farming and worm farming as science and technology evolve.

Hi, I'm Charvi

Curbside Composter took to the streets officially in 2015. Our main objective is to divert as much organic waste as we can from our landfills where that precious material would be lost forever.

 As customers increase we want to lower our prices so we can eventually include every household in Madison.

 It is estimated that the average household produces 160 lbs of food waste per year. That's on top of garbage, recyclables and yard waste. That's a lot if you think about how many houses are  in your neighborhood alone.

 Help us help the planet by having us compost for you!

"Add a  little more carbon to this bin!  Arf!"

I'm Iris and I will show you where to put food waste!

"I make sure compost gets made RIGHT!"

Curbside Composter